View Full Version : Basketball

11-Feb-07, 23:12
I have a few mates who together are a great team...

Our skool keeps promising us matchs agaisnt other schools but never happens!

any folk in Thurso keen for basketball around Thurso and Wick?

11-Mar-07, 18:59
There's a few classes at wick high school do basketball.. im sure they would be happy to make a team...

12-Mar-07, 22:04
if u can get em together,
my team would happily give a game at the skate park in thurso ormile!

were gettin back into the swing of things, usual place is sundays! if the weather is in it!

19-Mar-07, 23:35
Surely Zebedy can't be in a basketball team, having a spring sticking out of your hind end has to be cheating! [lol]