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18-Mar-05, 14:06
A quick question for the thurso people , is the thurso exch. 2 meg enabled yet?

and if nto when is it to be enabled.

19-Mar-05, 00:11
check here - http://www.btwholesale.com/adslchecker

I had ADSL when I stayed in Thurso nearly a year ago at just 512k.

I checked my Dad's number where it was installed on http://www.btwholesale.com/adslchecker and it is not far from the exchange. He stays on High Street and the exchange is on Princes Street just up from The Pentland Hotel

The response was "For Telephone Number 01847890646 on Exchange THURSO

Your exchange has ADSL broadband.

Our initial test on your line indicates that you should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 512Kbps or 256Kbps download speed.

If you decide to place an order, a further test will be performed to confirm if your line is suitable for the speed of service you wish to purchase.

Thank you for your interest"

19-Mar-05, 01:39
Checked my Router and I am connected at 2272Kbps, so I would say that 2mb has been activated.

Although have not received an email from BT yet, confirming that the 2mb has been activated.

19-Mar-05, 03:15
Yes it has been upgraded. I've been on the 2Mb service for a couple of weeks now without any problems :D

19-Mar-05, 15:34
Yeah thanks for that.

Finaly after 10 calls to sales , tech etc. even after telling them not my PC etc. they have found out i have 1 meg and 2 meg on my line and the 1 meg is taking over the 2 meg so they have sent it off to orders to get the 1 meg removed

19-Mar-05, 16:12
t - not sure what you mean by saying the 1 meg taking over the 2 meg. Maybe your ISP are takling about some mix up of orders on their database but at the exchange there is only one circuit which is set up as 2 meg for EVERY user. it is "throttled" down to 1 meg or 512k depending on what you order.

19-Mar-05, 16:17
Well Bubba craic now, Well the orders has cocked up as it says i have 2 meg but the orders on CSS are set to the 1 meg connection someone never removed it or activated the 2 meg.

ps.who ate all the pies

19-Mar-05, 16:48
I thought it was you Mr Ellis!!!

you still on the taxis with Mr Mackay?

19-Mar-05, 17:10
Yes it is added you to my MSN