View Full Version : Well Done, Caithness Computers

Humerous Vegetable
01-Nov-13, 16:33
Graham at Caithness Computers has just built me a new desktop. It is amazingly fast, compared to the hideous pile of junk I have been using for the past 5 years and he has transferred all the stuff I wanted to keep from my old PC. My only problems have been with not being able to keep OE and having to go over to Windows live mail....but they are my thicko problems and I will probably find my way round them eventually.
Graham has been very quick, effcient and professional and has done everything I wanted with my new computer.
I got the runaround at PC World in Inverness the week before, so would avoid them like the plague in future. I am glad to support a local business of such high quality.

Caithness Computers
13-Nov-13, 16:21
Thank you so much for the recommendation!
Glad you're happy with your new PC, it's a nice piece of kit.

Any questions or problems, just give me a shout :)