View Full Version : Car Number Plates

31-Oct-13, 15:18
Can anyone advise who can make up car reg. plates in Wick.

31-Oct-13, 18:54
Bought mine on ebay. You'll need to stick them on an old plate though. Saves on gathering paperwork and cost.

31-Oct-13, 21:04
The motor parts place at the top of shore road. if you can catch them open.Inverloch.. i think their called

01-Nov-13, 22:16
just remember if you are going to buy a number plate that you will need photo I.D., the log book and possibly some other form of I.D. with your address on it.
Jacko, it's Overloch you are thinking of :-) usually around 10am they open

02-Nov-13, 16:26
Thanks, I've now got them, done at Dunnetts.