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30-Oct-13, 13:18

I took out the DSLR camera (that i normally use for timelapsing/photography) last Sunday for a spot of video filming at the recent UK Pro Surf Tour whom were visiting the renowed waves of Thurso East.

Shot on a Canon 60d with Canon EF 100-400mm L IS lens.

Great time of year to be out with the cameras! Hope you enjoy :) !


30-Oct-13, 14:27
epic surfing there :Razz

30-Oct-13, 15:38
Well done !

30-Oct-13, 22:06
Thank you very much!

Over the moon :) my video got featured in a world renowned site for surfers called Carvemag.com Letting everyone know about Thurso!

Click here (http://www.carvemag.com/2013/10/best-uk-comp-ever/#.UnFzLaU05SV) for the article

30-Oct-13, 23:33
Well some excellent vid

01-Nov-13, 08:20
Thanks very much for the kind words! Delighted at the reactions. On wednesday night i looked and it had just under 800 views, and looked again thursday night - its sitting at 2000 views! I really wanted to make the edit cater for people not necessarily all that familiar to the world of surfing - as well as for surfers to :) ! Cheers

01-Nov-13, 08:56
Excellent video. Have shared on my Facebook page (Hope you don't mind) Think this is a great advert for Thurso Well done.

01-Nov-13, 09:12
I posted on my FB as well for all my southern softie surfer friends would be nice if some came up to ride the waves all helps the economy we should make more of our natural resources :0)

01-Nov-13, 20:31
Excellent, yeah sure thats what i want! is for it to be shared :) so thanks both for doing that! It lets people from outside know what Thurso waves have to offer, and lets people from Thurso know whats right on their doorstep! ……. it's all about what you make of it! :)

Kevin Milkins
04-Nov-13, 00:26
Awesome stuff. Could go viral. I have shared it as well. Thank you.