View Full Version : Tabby cat missing camster area

26-Oct-13, 16:24
Our Tabby Cat seems has gone missing she was last seen on Tuesday evening, she normally stays around our house or ground but may of wondered up the Camster Road somewhere. Totally out of character for her to wonder off but she may well of taken refuge in a barn or building somewhere.

If anyone has any news good or bad, and could check buildings etc if they have been open/shut, everyones actions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

06-Dec-13, 22:24
hi im in wick ive found what looks to be a male tabby i think but im not 100% sure, its definately a tabby very friendly cat ,have you found your cat?ive got a picture on the org its worth a look?pets corner thanks

06-Dec-13, 22:34
Thank you for letting me know, but my cat has decided to take up residence just along the road in a barn, they are outside cats as I adopted them when they had kittens a while back and started feeding them so they stayed around! Hope you find the owner of the lovely cat!