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20-Oct-13, 09:51
The eggs from Charles Angus up past the park hotel in Thurso are still only 1 for a box of six.

Also available are potatoes (red skinned, good all rounders), carrots, cabbage, turnip and parsnip all 50pence. The cabbage and turnips are huge!

Cauliflower are 1 each, but taste lovely, no nasty chemicals or forced along.

The eggs sell so fast they will keep for 2 or 3 weeks and so much fresher than the supermarket eggs. The veg stays fresh all week and is much better value for money than the supermarket veggies.

The rest of the shop is an emporium and it is amazing how cheap DIY stuff is from there too.

Give it a try......you won`t be disappointed.

20-Oct-13, 13:04
Puffin Croft also sells great Veggie Boxes, Eggs etc etc., and they deliver to your door on a regular basis. Great quality and reliable too. You can also buy from their croft if you are out at John O'Groats.

Puffin Croft
John O'Groats

Tel - 01955 611775

e-mail gazkris1@live.co.uk


20-Oct-13, 18:35
Is it round the back of the Park Hotel?

20-Oct-13, 20:05
Is it round the back of the Park Hotel?

Yep, that s where Charlie Angus is.

20-Oct-13, 22:17
He does a great line in wheel bearings for American boat trailers too. :D

22-Oct-13, 08:33
Kodiak..........agree with you also about Puffin Farm Croft box delivery, but I found it wasn`t things we would use and didn`t last the week.....made some damned fine soup though.

Ducati........know what you mean...... When the coop got new smaller trollies there was nowhere to hang my handbag or the bag of shopping bags, but Charlie`s emporium came to the rescue with a clip which went on the trolley at the slim end and the bags clipped onto the wider end. Sold mine five times over in the car park as other folks saw the potential.