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17-Mar-05, 11:48
Hi guys and gals

just a quick note to say hi and to introduce myself

My name is Jason im have been living in wick for about 2 and a half years now, and yes i am a white settler:)

I work for MM miller and im the buyer manager and yard manager there. its a good job and very very busy.

anyway hi to everyone and hope to chat with you on here

17-Mar-05, 19:25
Ah an introduction topic.... good idea.

Hi Jason, nice to hear from you. Good to hear you are doing well.

I'm a white settler too LOL. Been here for 16 months.

If anyone wants to chat/meet up for a drink and a chat, then I'd be up for it. It's good to meet new people/make new friends.

17-Mar-05, 20:16
Welcome to you both, instead of being a white settler I am an economic migrant, well not me, my Dad. He moved down to Perthshire looking for better wages in the late 40's. I was born in Thurso but have lived most of my life in Edinburgh, so I envy you guys, I have not made the commitment to move home.
But anyway a big welcome they are a good but daft crowd in the chat room join us some time

17-Mar-05, 21:27
yeh love to meet people too, we can go get drunk lol