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18-Oct-13, 14:59
Accused was suspected of taking money

A THURSO man has gone on trial accused of stealing more than 800 from the Scrabster fishermen’s mission.
The trial got underway at Wick Sheriff Court on Thursday, after William Espie adhered to his plea of not guilty to the charge.
Police Constable David Soutar told the court that he visited the mission, on February 23, following a complaint that money had gone missing. He took possession of some financial paperwork from staff and inquiries led him to suspect Espie, 31, who had been working at the mission, the previous day.
Mr Soutar said that the accused, of Bayview Terrace, Thurso, wasn’t traced until March 10th and following a “no comment” interview, was charged with theft and reported to the procurator fiscal.
Retired business consultant Jill Henderson told the court that she had occasion to go to the mission as a member of it advisory committee, in the afternoon of February 22, to speak to mission superintendent, Colin Mackay, about an unconnected matter, but discovered he was out.
Ms Henderson said she was surprised to find there was no-one in the canteen but then saw a man coming out of the office.
It was not someone she knew and continued: “He told me he was working there as a relief.”
Ms Henderson said that she thought he was the person in the dock but could not say definitely it was Espie, as she had only seen him for a few seconds. The trial will continue on November 1.
Drain petrol tank and you’ll get your car back accused told
TWO Lithuanians will have to return the petrol they stole from Bridgend Filling Station if they want to get their car back.
The ultimatum was issued by Sheriff Andrew Berry after he heard that Darius Bagnadavicius and Rolandas Saliuta had cost the station proprietor 101-75 in lost fuel. The pair, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to the theft which occurred on September 16.
The sheriff took account of the 66 days that Bagnadavicius, 32 and Saliuta, 27, had been in custody but insisted that the station owner should be afforded the opportunity to recover the fuel, before police released the car.
The court was told that the two accused, who had the court proceedings relayed to them by an interpreter, intended heading south to the Central Belt.