View Full Version : Santander tel no

10-Oct-13, 11:25
Anyone got the branch no for santander in Thurso? Can only find general 0845's in the book.

Thanks in advance.

little miss breezy breeks
10-Oct-13, 12:00
I'm sure they only use the 0845 number.

10-Oct-13, 12:23
Try the "Say No to 0870" web site. All you need to do is to put in the full Telephone Number of the company you want to phone. ie either a 0845, 0870, 0844 etc, etc. or the Name of the Company you want to phone. Then click on search and it will come up with the geographical phone number, ie one that starts with 01. Here is the link :-


10-Oct-13, 14:57
Try 894576, think they still use the old Alliance and Leicester number.