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08-Feb-07, 22:05
Can anyone help
Why does all my downloads stop at approx 6 oclock every night
And what can I do about it
If I need to change my ISP which one do you recommend

08-Feb-07, 22:22
What ISP and package are you on? Are you dial-up or Broadband? What modem/router are you using to connect to the Internet?

I've never heard of this phenomenon but if you're using a router it could be set up to block access at certain times.

08-Feb-07, 22:35
Hi We are on tiscali broadband 2Mb Unlimited connecting through an Etec 3810 modem/router

This is a fairly recent problem in the last four weeks or so
Used to download from either Bitlord Or limewire on both Pcs at any time
Both Pcs are affected by this problem

09-Feb-07, 00:45
I'm gonna take a stab at this...

Firstly open Internet Explorer and click X to stop the page from loading. Now, in the address bar, type and press return. You should be asked for a username and password - type in admin for the first and epicrouter for the second - this should allow you to login to the router screen (so long as they haven't been changed from the defaults)

Once you're in, at the bottom of the left hand side, there is a Firewall link - click this and then click the Time Window or Time Group link.

If there's no time ranges set in this section then my theory is sunk and we'll need to look elsewhere.

However if there is time ranges set then you can either delete them (which may mean you have access all the time), or you can delete them and then set a single range which covers all day, every day.

I'm not sure which will work so you might want to try the first and if you can't then access the Internet then go through these instructions again to do the second.

Let us know how you get on.

11-Feb-07, 19:30
Tried changing the firewall time settings as suggested but it tells me that there is no entries in time window Database

Someone at work said that they have heard that some ISP,s narrow the bandwidth to allow more user to access the web at peak times ?
Mean,s nothing to me

Any other suggestions PLEASE

11-Feb-07, 20:02
Why does all my downloads stop at approx 6 oclock every night

some ISP,s narrow the bandwidth to allow more user to access the web at peak times ?

So, do your downloads STOP or simply slow down? If it's bandwidth throttling it just means they limit data speeds and so the available information-carrying capacity so that more people can use the same service, but with a full-speed broadband connexion I'd be surprised if you really noticed any dramatic effect.

If you do a large amount of downloading (lots of GB a month) you generally run up against "fair usage" limitations - the sales material may say unlimited downloads but what they really mean is "unlimited subject to a reasonable maximum". You might want to check that too. If you're exceeding fair usage they might throttle you after some many MB or GB per day.

Last thing for now - when you say your internet "stops" can you still get your email? Do you know how to "ping" a server and does it still work?

11-Feb-07, 20:43
Hi the downloads actually stop

I can still connect to the internet and read my E mails look up E bay almost
everything except Download

I dont have a clue how to ping a server

12-Feb-07, 02:56
It does seem strange that a server would be slow at a given time each day....On the older narrow band links, a lot of people coming on at night slows network movement considerably.

Have you checked the size of the download?
And is your computer capable of handling large files in one shot?

On older computers, a large download of megabytes (standard today for broadband and XP systems) might not even begin downloading if your RAM (the operating memory 'power') is insufficient. (RAM today should be at least 256 MB for basic operations -512 RAM or higher is much better)
If there are several programs on the go, or ready to work such as a printer or Messenger chat type program, your system may not have enough power (RAM) to operate all at once.
My older computer would seize up, or not even download a large file if my email program, the printer, and the Norton virus checker were all open and ready to go.

Hope your problem is resolved.

the best

12-Feb-07, 10:52
Tiscali do operate a 'fair use' policy.

Peak times are 6pm - 11pm weekdays. At weekends, peak times are noon - 4pm.

If you download a huge amount outwith these times you will be 'in the clear'. However, if you do so during the above hours, you will be subject to slower download speeds. If that's what you've been doing, it's probably the answer. Contact Tiscali to find out if this is the case.

12-Feb-07, 18:48
Some ISP's operate a pay as you go usage limit. e.g. 2.5 Gig then buy more at 99p per Gig.

If you dont buy more bandwidth it ramps the connection down to the old ISDN speed.

I am on www.nildram.net