View Full Version : Native rockpool tank

06-Oct-13, 23:04
Any ideas to keep this alive for a 2 week investigation?They will go back after that time as its a school holiday rockpool project thing!
Have a filter and keeping it cool and feeding the anenome mussels (hungry thing shockingly so!) but thinking the water might need more aeration due to tidal water sloshing in twice a day in the wild and the salinity could build up with evaporation...while in the wild it could reduce with rainfall...
Observe, record and release is my mantra on this!
As its only going to be short term...I can live with the kids enthusiasm....:lol:
without stress as much as I can!

06-Oct-13, 23:50
Instead of bringing the beach to the kids, just take your kids to the beach ... :roll:

07-Oct-13, 08:19
The kids took the rock home.
It had whelks and an anemone on it.
Might as well watch the rock at home in this weather observing the side of the stone the whelks sit on in daylight/dark etc.
Or could look up recipes for whelks and have a bushtucker trial instead:eek:
Whelks have a different isotope signature depending on where they are collected from(even 5 miles or so round the coast makes enough of a difference), so they have to go back to the same rockpool ....I am not going to the place they were collected from until next weekend unless I really have to.