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The Pepsi Challenge
15-Mar-05, 08:50
"The Clint Eastwoods of Rock" - Margaret Chrystal
(Highland News)

"Edinburgh's answer to Blues Explosion" - Julie Clark
(Edinburgh Evening News)

"They make me sick" - Chad Wackerman
(ex-Zappa drummer)

Gamma Vs Delta
(supporting Blues Explosion)
Monday 18 April
@ Liquid Room

Doors 7pm

Running in conjunction with PCL and Optimo

The Pepsi Challenge
28-Mar-05, 19:18
Gamma Vs Delta: The robotic Robert Johnson's should have their official website up-and-running in June. Until then, you can catch up with Little Richard's Thursonian piano strings at: www.gammavsdelta.blogspot.com.

As the above post already states - we will be supporting the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at the Edinburgh Liquid Room on Monday April 18th. The Blues Explosion have collaborated with everyone from Chuck D to Steve Albni, from Nancy Sinatra to Solomon Burke and beyond. They are, without doubt - and to quote any music compilation CD you've seen advertised - the best live rock 'n' roll band... ever.

If you'd like to hear Gamma Vs Delta, email me (red5_ok@yahoo.co.uk) your address; send me enough for a stamp and a packet and I'll send you our CD: recorded by Aberfeldy producer and Platinum-disc receipient Jim Sutherland - he played and recorded on Page & Plant's No Quarter album. You'll see him on their MTV-Unplugged show. And yes, believe it or not, he's from Thurso.

The Pepsi Challenge
19-Apr-05, 17:23
Simple: the best night of my musical career. 550 people piled into the Liquid Room. The Blues Explosion complimented us on our set - asked us to get in touch with their UK record company Mute! - and rocked out (themselves) faster than Ben Johnson in 1988. We shifted 30 CD's; would have moved more had we bothered to make any more; and was delighted to see a few people from the highlands making themselves known to us after the show. Due to our infrequent appearances, the crowd asked afterward when we'd be coming back to Scotland from America. During our opening song, however, I did tell the audience we were indeed not an Edinburgh band - or an American act - but "just another band from the sunny, flat county of Caithness."