View Full Version : Collie injured by car on Camster Road

05-Oct-13, 20:58
Just in case the person whose car hit an elderly Collie on the Camster road in Roster this afternoon was wondering if the dog was OK ... A neighbour found the injured dog, took him into her garden to make sure he was safe and contacted the owners. The dog was rushed to the Vets by other neighbours and has impact injuries - hopefully he will be OK - but has had to have pain relief and other treatment. A worrying time for his owners.
Shame you didn't stop to see if you could help the dog or try to find the owner and an even greater shame you will not be contributing to the Vets bill .....

Yes I do realise that owners have a responsibility to ensure their dogs are kept under control - but this was an elderly dog living in a quiet rural area he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - he doesn't normally wander.

A number of pets have been injured and and killed on this stretch of road in the last year - Please, please, watch your speed whilst passing through Roster it may save pain and suffering for both pets and owners.

06-Oct-13, 00:48
There's no way the driver never knew they hit this poor animal, yet they chose to do nothing about it. I once had the unpleasant task of informing the owners of a cat that their pet had been killed by a driver on the same road (I'd found it shortly afterwards). It wasn't difficult to find out whose cat it was.

I'm sick and tired of people driving with no consideration on these country roads. Just look at the B874 (Gillock road). Most of the passing places have skid marks near them because people are in too much of a hurry to check for oncoming traffic. The number of times I've had to brake suddenly because people don't even bother to stop at a passing place is unreal.

I hope the poor dog recovers fully.

06-Oct-13, 08:53
I had my cat hit on this road.saw it happen,the van driver carried on driving till he realised I was stood in the garden watching,he reversed then took off.the cat had a fractured pelvis but recovered.he still goes up and down the road so if you are on the camster rd in roster,PLEASE SLOW DOWN.PEOPLE LIVE HER ITS NOT A MOTORWAY!!

06-Oct-13, 09:39
the helmsdale road is just as bad i have seen folk rallying on that past the farms and houses, a little kitten jumped out lucky it was me i drive slow past the houses, there and old collie at one of the farms you go past he in a hurry to get no where i think he old, but its not hard to show consideration while on country roads and at least slow down at farms and houses, but you allway's get one hope the dogs ok

Big Gaz
10-Oct-13, 22:04
I thought it was law that if you hit an animal then it had to be reported to the police? it's no excuse for leaving any animal for dead and just carrying on as nothing had happened. It takes a sick and feeble mind to do this. Hope the dog recovers and the driver gets his collar felt!