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05-Oct-13, 08:38
Man left in pool of blood at Xmas to receive 1,500
THE victim of a Christmas Day drink-fuelled assault which left him with a broken jaw, in a pool of blood, will receive 1,500 compensation from his attacker.
The sum was fixed at Wick yesterday by Sheriff Andrew Berry who also ordered Stuart Brown’s assailant, Darren Christie, to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work in the community.
Christie, a 23-year-old Aberdonian, previously admitted the assault to severe injury, on indictment.
The incident stemmed from “a minor brush” in Thurso’s Holborn Hotel and a brief exchange of words between the two men. It appeared to end amicably with a handshake. However, Mr Brown was followed outside by Christie and kicked in the head.
The single blow dazed Mr Brown whose teeth were knocked out of alignment. He was still on the ground, his head in a pool of blood, when police officers arrived on the scene.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Mr Brown was initially treated, at a local hospital but after the fracture to his lower jaw was confirmed, he was transferred to Raigmore Hospital at Inverness and admitted as an emergency patient. Several plates were inserted in his head in the ensuing operation and cuts to his tongue were also treated.
Mr Brown was discharged two days later but it was six weeks before he was fit to return to work.
When seen by the police, Christie, of 45F Powis Place, Aberdeen, at first stated-“Some boy was fighting with me, so I fought back.” In the formal interview, however, he expressed concern for Mr Brown and admitted to having drunk five pints of beer and two or three shots of spiced rum, earlier. Christie became “extremely emotional” after the interview was concluded and was “apparently regretful” at what had happened.
His solicitor Neil Wilson said that the accused, had never sought to use drink as an excuse for his actions but had, in any case, curtailed his consumption of alcohol, since.
“The accused realises full well that such an incident can happen, even once, when he gets drunk and does not want to get drunk again” continued Mr Wilson who added that Christie had put his trouble-free life at risk because of “one foolish, drunken night”.
Sheriff Berry, who saw a background report, described the assault as “a very serious matter” which would have ongoing consequences for the accused’s victim.
Christie had a good work ethic, however, and was a first offender and an alternative to prison, could be imposed.