View Full Version : Seeking Tabitha and Maggie (cats approximate 6 months old)

04-Oct-13, 20:06
Wondering if anyone can help.
Back in July we took 2 kittens to Balmore for re-homing, (a semi-feral cat had 3 kittens in our barn). We since caught the mother and had her spayed. we decided to keep their brother, but just couldn't cope having 5 cats so made the heart breaking decision to re-home the 2 she kittens. We tried to advertise them on org but no response as we wanted country homes for them with them being raised in a barn. Staff at Balmore were fanstatic, very understanding and promised us they would be re-homed together. The kittens would be approaching 6 months of age (born 17th April). Tabitha is a silver tabby, (like the cat on the Whiskas commercial) and Maggie is dark grey and white and was slightly smaller than her sister, she had a small white spot of fur on her mouth.

If anyone knows where these two girls are I would be greatful to know how they are doing.

Many thanks

05-Oct-13, 18:02
Hi, we have the girls here with us, they are gorgeous, we live in the country and they have a cosy barn to live in next to the house along with the dogs, other cats, horses, chickens etc. we renamed them Bubbles and Squeak .They have just been spayed and all went well.Bubbles (Maggie) has formed a real bond with our young lurcher, they groom each other and follow each other around, it's real love :) . Both girls still sleep together, I can reassure you that they are both happy and will be looked after for the rest of their days, it's lovely that you put the post up, if you have Facebook and want to pm me I can keep you updated with photos etc. :)

06-Oct-13, 11:56
Sent you a PM,
Thank you so much for replying, has put at minds at ease knowing the girls are together and happy. Sounds like the home we hoped they would find :)