View Full Version : Has anyone heard of an elestic virus....

08-Feb-07, 15:11
I have been advised that i might have a possible elestic virus.....What is this and how do i get rid of it.....I amnot entirely sure if i have one, but i have been trying to answer questions on yahoo answers and it will not alow me.....I can post things on this site with no problem....Does it sound like swomething to do with a virus , as i thought he virus would effect all aspects of my computer.Can you help...........

09-Feb-07, 03:05
sorry, i have never heard of one. i have looked at symantec and nod32 sites and searched for elestic and elastic virii and have found no results/

Symantec have an online scanner you can use but it wil take some time for it to scan a whole hard drive unless its an old model.


i trust you have updated and ran the software you use to protect you from such threats....

Can i ask what programs you use for anti virus and malware?