View Full Version : Court hears of sex in caravan

03-Oct-13, 20:52
Not proven verdicts after case with "sordid aspects"
A SHERIFF heard about the trouble that flared after a woman discovered her estranged husband having sex in a caravan with his new girlfriend.
It was alleged at Wick Sheriff Court, that Christina Hindmarch approached a caravan in a back garden in Nicolson Street, Wick, “like a raging bull” and angrily attacked Natasha Macphee, pulled her hair, attempted to punch her and tried to stab her with a tent peg.
The husband, Simon Hindmarch stepped in to separate them. Mrs Macphee said she didn't know what Mrs Hindmarch's problem was as she had a new partner too. Later, on August 11, Mrs Hindmarch was said to have assaulted Mrs Macphee by driving towards her and bumping her two or three times.
Mrs Hindmarch, 27, living in Wellington Avenue, Wick, at the time, pleaded not guilty to that charge and assaulting Mrs Macphee in the caravan. She further denied having, along with David Stubbings,43, and his wife Amanda, 39, then living in Murchison Street, Wick, assaulting Mrs Macphee in an alley later in the day. The three accused did not give evidence.
The trial, held over two separate sessions heard prosecution evidence from Simon Hindmarch and Mrs Macphee. Sheriff Andrew Berry found the charges against the three accused, not proven.
The sheriff said that there had been “some particularly sordid aspects” in the case but added that these did not constitute criminality.
He added however, that he found the evidence, with the exception of that given by the police, as “unimpressive and unreliable”, which did not allow him to conclude that the accused were guilty.