View Full Version : Junket??

07-Feb-07, 22:33
Does anyone have the recipe for junket?

07-Feb-07, 23:40
I've never heard of it before but googled & found this :-

570ml (1 pint) Full Cream Milk
2 tsp Brandy or Rum (optional)
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Rennet
Cinnamon, to taste
Grated Nutmeg, to taste Place the milk in saucepan with sugar and warm gently to blood heat.
Stir to dissolve sugar.
Remove pan from heat, add the brandy or rum (If used).
Pour into a serving dish.
Stir in rennet and set aside to set at room temperature for 2 hours.
When set add on cinnamon and nutmeg then chill in fridge.
Serve with sugar to taste and sweetened whipped cream.