View Full Version : K dragon

07-Feb-07, 22:15
u are the kiddie! haha

Just watched ure Kreepy Colin videos on youtube

made me giggle

Folks goonto youtooob and look up


:) brilliant

07-Feb-07, 22:24
no chance....................basically because I can't!!! you tube won't load for some reason:confused

K dragon
07-Feb-07, 22:42
a thread named after me (begins to cry and starts HUGE halle berry type oscar acceptance speech LOL!)

i have loads of home made little movies, kreepy colin is actually REALLY BAD in comparison to some of the other stuff we have.

but thanks for the shout out zeb.

07-Feb-07, 23:10
DUDE those were freakin awesome, well done. Was funny when I recognised the Mount vewrnon flats out the kitchen window. Great job mate!!