View Full Version : bassist wanted- aged 15-17, in thurso, punk/pop punk

nutty da drummer
13-Mar-05, 22:15
hi, im lukin 4 a bassist for a band with me n 2 more guitaristst. must be willing to take it further than just for fun. we are going to be a punk band, like blink 182, new found glory, boxcar racer, mest etc. its properly caled "calafornia punk rock." band pracs wil b on a sunday. if u want to try for it, leave ur name n adres so i can contact u. cheers

nutty da drummer
13-Mar-05, 22:18
or get in touch with me, my email adress is m_norburn@hotmail.com

nutty da drummer
13-Mar-05, 22:20
n if they sing, its a huge plus

04-Apr-05, 18:55
I play drums in a band called Cyanide. And i do play Guitar and Bass... I would be up for the job ( btw I would need til get a bass first ) i only got an electric acoustic. but get bk to me!