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07-Feb-07, 13:05
Anyone else out there as excited as I am to hear the news :D ?!

the re-forming of one of the best rock bands on the planet - Rage Against The Machine???!

they are getting back together to headline a charity event; Coachella, but that is only one festival of more that are planned! ...... u.k - cross yer fingers i say!:lol:

07-Feb-07, 14:28
Damn right... I'd love to see them again!

07-Feb-07, 14:30
should be good! would love to see them live. watched Audioslave at T in the park 2 years ago. they did the audioslave set which was rockin then as soon as they started the Rage set i remember thinking, "Uh-oh, Im going to die!"

The Pepsi Challenge
07-Feb-07, 14:51
Saw them at the Glasgow Barrowlands - RATM that is - in the early 90s. A fierce, visceral show that was borderline dangerous. At the time I was listening to the Funkadelic album Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On. If you want to know where Rage nicked their first album's riffs from, check it out. It's braw!

08-Feb-07, 01:31
I'd love to see them again!

damn you! lol .... i now remember you telling me that before! was it Reading you saw them?? lucky! so are you Pepsi!

also , on the note of bands getting back together.... smashing pumpkins :cool: ... v close to buying a ticket for the rack am ring in germany.

08-Feb-07, 01:33
Leeds Festival in 2000... same year Slipknot did their first bout of touring. Lucky me.

Smashing Pumkpins.... 07/07/07... New album. Was announced on Myspace today.

08-Feb-07, 10:31
Smashing Pumkpins

Oh my god!!!! Jeid made a spelling mistake!

08-Feb-07, 12:43

The Spelling Nazzi Has been Caught Out!?!?!

08-Feb-07, 12:45
Yeah? and?

I think if you look through the majority of my posts, you'll find some spelling mistakes. Isaac found one before as well... Bite me :D

08-Feb-07, 13:38
great news about Rage...could it also spell a soundgarden reunion if audioslave is on hold?

08-Feb-07, 13:45
...lets hope not.... ;)

I remember the first time I heard RATM....I was completely blown away.....


Crazy days.....now wheres me Max Bygraves LP?

08-Feb-07, 13:45
Didn't Kim Thayill retire from music? And Matt Cameron is also playing for Pearl Jam now. I couldn't see it... but that'd be fantastic!