View Full Version : Julianne Regan saved ma life

Cedric Farthsbottom III
07-Feb-07, 02:30
Fill ye in wi the craic before I start.Julianne Regan was the singer in a band called 'All About Eve',ye might have to google it,but there could be a few orgers who know what I mean.

Ye were nothing to me ye were in a band
But ma life was full o' strife
But listening to ye singing THAT song
Brought a happiness in ma life

Cos how could someone sing a song
" She Moves Through The Fair"ye sung to me
Alone in ma bedroom wi ma sketching pad
But ye filled ma heart wi' glee

Cos it was only an LP,Julianne Regan
Ma life flew by so quick
But I left the LP back in Ayrshire
When I moved up to Wick

So yer voice was replaced by Obiron
She showed me right from wrong
But I bought yer album on CD on E-Bay
So again ye sung me that song