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Cedric Farthsbottom III
07-Feb-07, 01:13
Loved yer poems about Dad Lavenderblue2,but here's one about mine.Just to show we're all a bit different on the wizardy world of org.

Ye showed me how to ride ma first bike
Yer smile it shone for miles
Okay its seat wisnae the best it could be
It might be a reason for ma piles

Ye rowed the boat all along the loch
Yer arms seemed to be so strong
Then ye and Mum ye started to argue
Things seemed to be going so wrong

Ye left in the car wi yer other wummin
The tears were in yer eye
After all the days ye said to me
That boys werenae supposed to cry

So in later years ye came into the hoose
Ye said "Between me and yer Mum it wisnae suppossed to be"
Aye thats quite fine Dad,I do understand
But why did ye forget about me

And now yer deid in the past couple o' years
Goodbye and Au revouir too
But I'm still wi ma boys and love them so much
I'm a better faither than you

07-Feb-07, 01:30
The other side of life Cedric; an excellent poem and that one line
"But why did ye forget about me" especially touched my heart. :~(

07-Feb-07, 09:04
Oh Cedric, I'm so sorry you had such a sad experience with your Dad but as you say we all have different lives. Your poems are very good, keep them coming.

LB :)

PS. Do you really look like Mr Bean? Hee, hee.

07-Feb-07, 10:10
That's a sad poem, but yet there's some rather beautiful there too.
Perhaps the fact that you turned out to be the better man ! Your dad
taught you '' How not to be'' poor man. I hope he improved his ways as life went on, and ceased to cause such sadness.

Thanks again Cedric. You have a charming way of expressing 'Your Story' that's a rare gift.
Keep at it.

the charlatans
07-Feb-07, 21:52
[But I'm still wi ma boys and love them so much
I'm a better faither than you[/quote]

You are a great faither Cedric petal. Your boys are a credit to ye.

10-Feb-07, 16:17
what a geat poem cedric, its times in our live' s like this that make us a stronger better person