View Full Version : Drinks driver owned up to police

20-Sep-13, 09:01
Responsible attitude "refreshing" says fiscal depute

A COURT was impressed with a drinks-driver who handed himself to the police.
Matthew MacBeath, 24, walked into the police station and told officers he had crashed his grandfather’s car and that he didn’t have a full licence or insurance, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday.

It was clear from his demeanour, said David Barclay, prosecuting, that he had been drinking and the accused confirmed to officers that he had consumed a lot of alcohol, the previous night before driving the vehicle.
Mr Barclay commented: “It is perhaps a refreshing change to find someone who is facing up to his responsibilities rather than waiting until the long arm of the law caught up with him.”

MacBeath, a Dounreay worker, of 23 John Kennedy Drive, Thurso, pleaded guilty to the offences which occurred on the Thurso-Reay road on August 18 when he collided with a dyke. He was fined 400 and banned from driving for a year on the drink-driving charge and admonished on the licence and insurance counts.
Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan said that MacBeath had been socialising into the early hours of the morning and found himself locked out when he arrived home at his parent’s house. His unlocked grandfather’s car, complete with keys was outside and the accused climbed into it and had a sleep.
Miss MacLennan continued: “He then decided for reasons he can’t explain to drive a short distance to another property owned by his father where he intended sleeping. On the way, he collided with the wall.”

MacBeath went straight home and roused his parents and told them what had happened before reporting to the police station. The accused, added Miss MacLennan, had spoken to his grandfather and arranged with the farmer to have the dyke repaired.
Sheriff Berry commented on MacBeath’s honesty in owning up to what he had done in what he termed “somewhat unusual circumstances”.
But he added: “I am sure you are aware of the dangers of driving having consumed alcohol.”