View Full Version : Whens everyone popping in again?

13-Mar-05, 19:34
Friday night was good crack, whens every one planning popping in for a chat again?

15-Mar-05, 23:14
There's folk around most nights so just keep checking..was good to have you in there enjoying the fun.

16-Mar-05, 09:12
Would pop in for chat . have tried a dozen times but being with aol i just cant access the chat rooms :(

16-Apr-05, 19:38
are you on AOL?

16-Apr-05, 19:45
Have given up trying to get into the chat rooms seems if you are on aol u cant enter them :( will just have to stick with the message boards unless somone can give me easy instructions to follow :lol:

17-Apr-05, 10:55
I couldn't get in either until some one gave me instructions. It's something to do with AOL.
Sign on. Right click on 'start' at the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on 'open all users' type 'http://www.caithness.org' in the adress box, go directly there, and join in there. That's the only way in.

17-Apr-05, 22:01
katarina. thanx for the instructions they worked a treat..... finaly managed to get into chat room [lol] pity there was only 1 other person in :( never mind now I know how to get in will check it out :D