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06-Feb-07, 16:12
Across The Causeymire, windswept and winter blown
Where grass and heather hug the peat low down,
Where icy lochans glimmer in the sun and ripple with the breeze,
Where lichen silver glows on cowered bended trees.
Down to Thurso's river running fast,swollen by the winter rain.
"When will I watch the sun set there again?"

Along the coast the sands of Dunnet Bay.
Hazey in the driven roller's spume and spray,
Framed by the glowing cliffs of Dunnet Head
The marram grass a thatch of green and red.
Brough harbour,seals at rest along the shore,
Fulmars wheeling, "I will come there once more!"

Now by Scarfskerry's jagged rocks the comrorants I spy,
Mey's little beach so gentle on the eye.
The coppiced hedges of the thorn and beech,
A hiding place for chaffinches to reach.
At Gills more seals upon the rocks and in the sea,
The waves crash on Stroma's cliffs, "Ah me!."

To Sannick where the dunes are silver white,
Crouching under Duncansby's bright warning light.
The cliff walk to The Stacks past breeding birds in June.
Their cries , not a melodious tune.
Round to Skirza's tiny stone walled haven.
Views to Freiswick. "Did I see the banner of The Raven?"

South along the coast to Reiss bay's strand
Where ruined tower castles frown upon sea and land.
Past Papigoe,Staxigoe to Wick's grey stone.
Out to Trinkie where Old Castle stands alone.
At Sarclet. the haven with it's narrow mouth,
"Oh memories so sweet for me down south."

At Watten's Loch.Swan Lake, a sight to see.
By Westerdale the river running wild and free.
There's Red Deer on the heath land there,
Birds of prey swoop on translucent air.
Further on by Calder's shores a sight to charm the eye.
Hooper swans grazing. "My oh my."

At Forss the mill race tumbles down the hill,
Snowdrops massed in woods above the mill.
Further down the herons have their nests
And in the peaty pools the wild trout rests.
Out to the little kirk that sits upon the cliff.
"Oh when and where and if?"

The water's calm, only the eiders cause a ripple,
Mirrored images within the harbours triple.
The sun low angled to the sky lights Orkney's shore,
Beyond blue hills roll for seeming ever more.
Pentland's waters ever changing hold the eye.
"I will be back in the bye and bye."

06-Feb-07, 18:42
That's some journey through Caithness; well done!

Cedric Farthsbottom III
07-Feb-07, 00:32
Excellent Lizz.Around Caithness ye took me,a good place it is too:D

the charlatans
07-Feb-07, 21:56
Lizz, that's a wonderful poem about our beloved Caithness. I think i will copy this and send it to my exiled pals and they will travel your journey you so eloquently penned.