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06-Feb-07, 12:58
Our Dadís Hands

Dad had hands like dinner plates
Or so it seemed to me.
He looked so strong and handsome,
Especially when youíre three.
He was always very gentle,
With everything heís touch.
Those hands were always busy,
And loved so very much.
As children, we always had a bath,
In front of the big log fire.
Then heís wrap us in a big, white towel,
And never seemed to tire.
Those work worn hands would dry our hair,
And sit us on his knee.
To tell us stories of the war,
When he fought to keep us free.
We never had much money,
But love we had galore.
Those hands were very clever,
Mending shoes and so much moreÖ

Cedric Farthsbottom III
07-Feb-07, 00:35
I love poems wi a story,their ma favourites.Thanks again Lavender