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06-Feb-07, 12:54
Thatís My Dad

Iíve never really said the words
that in my heart I feel,
how you have brought
my distant dreams so close
and made them real.

My memories are cherished thoughts
to which you have paved the way.
My strength it comes from
your dear love and every word you say.

Thereíre many blessings in my life,
for all these things Iím glad,
but what really makes me smile with pride
is saying Ė ďThatís my DadĒ.

06-Feb-07, 18:55
Your poems about your Dad are excellent! Thanks for sharing them.

06-Feb-07, 19:56
Beautiful , Thank you for sharing.

Why is it we find it so hard to say such things ?

Cedric Farthsbottom III
07-Feb-07, 00:29
Enjoyed yer poem lavenderblue2.Keep on typin'