View Full Version : Pre-School Provision Changing with New Build Schools in Wick

Norlin Playgroup
05-Sep-13, 20:57
The Norlin Playgroup is holding their AGM on Friday 13th September at 7 pm in the Playgroup up at the North Primary School in Wick.

Anyone with an interest in pre-school provision within Wick (and possibly the surrounding areas) is welcome to attend and we are hoping to make people aware of the changes coming into effect from August 2015 which directly involves all pre-school children but especially those below the age of three.

Playgroups and nurseries, as we currently know them, will no longer be after August 2015 it will be classed as pre-school provision and under the one management.

The bottom line being, if pre-school provision goes to local authority (the council run nurseries) then there will be few or, worst case scenario, no groups for those children under the age of three. If we can push for the pre-school provision to go out to tender, and a partner centre (like a playgroup, mother and toddlers group, etc) is awarded the tender, then there will be a guaranteed number of spaces available to children under the age of three.

This is a very complex issue and all I have done here is to give you the blunt basics but, if you are interested to find out more, please feel free to attend our AGM.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

05-Sep-13, 21:38
Good Luck to them holding a AGM on Friday the 13th. I would have thought most people would stay indoors, at least I do on a Friday the 13th.

Norlin Playgroup
06-Sep-13, 07:25
I know the date is not the best but we couldn't hold the AGM on the following Friday due to some existing committee members being away! If anyone would like more information about this but not be able to attend please message the username name Norlin Playgroup with your email address and I will try to explain more fully via email.