View Full Version : Big Thank You

Kasper King
31-Aug-13, 18:27
I would just like to say a big thank you to the kind people of Caithness for the money donated in the last few weeks to the Help for Heroes.
I would like to especially thank the lady who brought me some cheese and crackers for my lunch in Wick last Saturday.
I am taking part in the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally 2014 in June of next year and will be collecting from time to time at Wick, John O' Groats and Thurso. If you would like to help collect, sponsor my Landrover Discovrey, make a donation or give me practice help in prepairing my vehicle ready for this 4500 (approx) mile journey the please PM me.
I am hoping to organise a few event to raise money for this very worthy cause and will post the details on the org.
Again a very big thank you

Kasper King
31-Aug-13, 18:58
For those who would like to follow Team Stercus Fit, Caithness's entry in the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally 2014, then go to our Facebook page.