View Full Version : Legal high trial was criminal -sheriff

23-Aug-13, 12:17
Joint experiment sickened teenager pair
TWO teenagers ended up in hospital after experimenting with a legal high joint, Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
The man who gave them the illegal experience, Shane Farmer, will be under court supervision for 18 months.
That was the sentence imposed by Sheriff John Rafferty after Farmer, 20, admitted providing the lads with a substance with potentially harmful effects.
The court heard that Farmer was smoking the joint he had obtained on the internet, at his home at 42 Nicolson Street, Wick, on May 16. In his company were the teenagers, aged 15 and 16 years respectively. They asked for a drag and, initially, the accused refused the request.
However, said David Barclay prosecuting, said:“The pair pestered Farmer and he eventually gave in to the pressure and handed them the joint. They each took a couple of drags each before handing it back to the accused.”
But, a short time later, the teenagers complained of feeling dizzy and nauseous and had to be taken to hospital.
“That is how the matter came to light” said Mr Barclay who added: “The boys were fully frank about the matter when seen by the police.”
Sheriff John Rafferty said that whether or not the legal high was safe, Farmer’s action constituted a criminal offence and what had made it “even more stupid” was the fact that the teenagers had ended up in hospital.