View Full Version : Kama Sutra

Cedric Farthsbottom III
02-Feb-07, 23:33
Was in Bargain Books in Inverness
Fitness books to tighten up ma pecs
Autobiographies to find out the gossip
Dinosaur books about The Rex

Then suddenly ma eyes were drawn
To the book standing on its own
Looking very mystical and magic
With a very terracotta tone

Its the Kama Sutra said the title
I'd heard of it before
A meaning of gymnastics in bed
Spoke and practised through the yore

So I picked it up and had a read
Through the pages I had a flicky
But I put it back after position 21
Cos if I tried it I'd be off work wi a sicky

02-Feb-07, 23:56
Brilliant Cedric..NOW just what position was that?

03-Feb-07, 04:24
Very Clever :lol: