View Full Version : Breathalyser was last straw for Groats driver

12-Aug-13, 17:17
Accused - "Worst six weeks of my life"

A SHERIFF this week about a John O' Groat's woman's run of misfortune.Dana Harrold was said to have experienced "the worst six weeks of her life" culminating in being caught for drinks driving.
She admitted the offence and was fined 400 and banned for a year. The dip in her fortunes began when, her solicitor, told Wick Sheriff Court, on Friday that she purchased two horses and discovered they were not what she had expected.
The horses arrived "in an horrendous condition" and Harrold, 26, incurred a small fortune running into thousands of pounds, including legal and vet fees trying to set things right. Her father got kicked in the head by one of the horses she claimed were untrained and suffered multiple head injuries. He was airlifed to hospital in Inverness.
Solicitor Mr Gray told the court: "She can't help but blame herself for getting the horses in the first place."
And even a night out with friends at a birthday party at the local Seaview Hotel, on July 7, resulted in more trouble. She was stopped outside her home at Thorvald, East End, John O' Groats, a mile from the hotel and a breath test led to an intoximeter reading of 69 milligrams, almost twice the legal limit of 35 mgs, the product of a bottle of cider and "a few vodkies".
Mr Gray said that her new boyfriend had insisted on her driving him to her home.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Harrold, an apprentice process technician, offshore, and a first offender, that she was someone with a good work ethic who would likely never land in court again..
Harrold can earn a reduction in the driving ban if she successfully completes the drinks drivers' rehabilitation course.