View Full Version : Three-times drinks driver hit four times

12-Aug-13, 15:33
Reading costs driver car, fine, ban and job

A three-times-the limit offence cost a drinks-driver his licence, his car and his job today. Alan Davies,49, was also fined 325 when he appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court today and was banned for 16 months
Davies, of 36 Bush Road, Morriston, Swansea, admitted driving with 105 micrograms - the legal limit is 35mgs.
He was stopped by police on the A99, north of Keiss village in the early hours of Saturday, on his way home.
David Barclay, prosecuting, made a motion for forfeiture of the accused's 'old'Ford Fiesta said to be worth between 500 to 600 under current legislation governing three-times drivers and the request was granted by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
Solicitor Ken Ferguson said that Davies, an iterant steel worker, was staying in a caravan while engaged in a contract in the area. He had come into Wick for a drink with workmates and had foolishly decided to drive after he found himself locked out of temporary accommodation he had arranged for the night.
Mr Ferguson added that the accused would lose his 900-a-week job.