View Full Version : Caithness slab

12-Aug-13, 13:05
Is there anywhere locally I could get a piece of Caithness slab about 85cmx85cm and about 3cm thick.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
Thanks in advance:lol:

12-Aug-13, 13:47
Spittal Quarry

16-Aug-13, 12:30
A and D Sutherland spittal quarry

Big Gaz
16-Aug-13, 13:06
plenty loose ones on Wick high street. I'm sure you would fine one cut to size and loose, ready to lift. The council won't bother if you help yourself, it saves them having to come and fix them! oh, and while you are at it, why not take the loose one from outside my door, i'm sick of standing on it after its rained and having a jet of muddy water scoot up my leg :-)