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07-Mar-05, 23:02
So sad to read of Tommy's death. Another rock radio legend to rival the great John Peel. He will be missed.

08-Mar-05, 01:03
Tommy Vance

Another voice of my teenage years - orange transistor radio under the bed covers to listen to the friday night rock show - sigh... I think im getting old

08-Mar-05, 08:04
Just heard & i am gutted.
The Friday rock show was a Big part of my teenage years.I used to rush home from scouts on a friday night to tape it.
Tommy did a hell of a lot for rock/metal music in Britain in the eighties
Missing him already :~(

08-Mar-05, 11:48
very sad indeed

with his death and the untimely passing of John Peel thats the best 2 DJs this country has had gone within months

he provided me with a great education where else could you hear the likes of Venom, Slayer, Bathory plus stuff like Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Tokyo Blade magic!!!!!

Always the first to play quality stuff and the insult to rock that R1 have now just underlines what a loss this is