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07-Mar-05, 22:03
Can anyone recommend any good dressmakers in Caithness, who would be able to alter a wedding dress and a bridesmaid's dress?

Thanks in advance. :D

07-Mar-05, 23:04
Go and see the lassie in Elizabeth's she's brilliant

Little Miss Naughty
08-Mar-05, 09:07

Gail in Elizabeth's is really good, she made my bridesmaids dresses for me and she did a wonderful job, any alterations that I have I always put them to her and I have always been delighted with the results. Only one problem, you have to book her well in advance for doing bridesmaids dresses etc, as she is always really busy. :Razz :Razz :Razz

Ticketty Boo
16-Mar-05, 15:44
Ticketty Boo is a dressmaking and alteration service available in John O Groats, I also have wedding dresses in stock. Contact Anne 01955 611240