View Full Version : Praise for gala stalwarts

30-Jul-13, 17:33
"We are privileged to have so many people to put on such events" says guest Willie Watt

THE tireless efforts of Wick gala committee to ensure the event's success year on year, was acknowledged by this year's guest speaker on the opening ceremony - the coronation - on Saturday night.Willie Watt, boss of Subsea 7's Wester fabrication yard and chairman of Wick harbour board said he appreciated the amount of preparation involved in putting on major attractions such the harbour and lifeboat days.
He told the audience gathered for the coronation of gala queen Hannah Russell : "I know what it is like to put on a one day event, but to stage a week-long one is unbelieveably hard. It involves months and months of work in the preparation, so I think we should put your hands together for gala committee chair Donna Plowman and her committee."
Mr Watt said that Wick gala was famous and always attracted "fantastic support" and he continued: "It epitomises everything that Caithness and Wick has to offer. Even on foggy nights like tonight, whatever the weather, it never stops the parade... everyone comes out and gets the whole thing going. Tonight we have fog...good old Caithness fog but it is not going to dampen our spirits one little bit."
Mr Watt made reference to Wick's new Spanish medical recruit, Dr Sara Villar Del Saz Cano, who found Wick "astonishing" and had not stopped taking photos since she arrived.
Mr Watt went on: "We are privileged to live in such a place as Wick and have so many people willing to put in the work to put on events such as this. Wick is a special place with special people...it has a community spirit many envy and we should be proud of it."