View Full Version : Pc that is not working :(

26-Jul-13, 09:22
Hi i got a PC yesterday and when i try to boot it up it says Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any keyAnybody know how this can fixed ? :)

26-Jul-13, 22:58
If you know how to set your bios (press esc or del on bootup) then enter the bios, change the boot priority order starting with the drive with the operating system on it then save and reboot. If its still doing the same afterwards, its possible that there is either corrupt files or no operating system on the hard drive.

26-Jul-13, 23:58
give it a kick lol, just joking open it up make sure the cables to the hard drive ok, and if still not working do the bios, then try a install, still not working new hard drive

27-Jul-13, 15:46
does anyone know where i can a installation disk for windows xp ???? ( for cheap ) :)

01-Aug-13, 09:18
Did you get it sorted yet? I have an install disk backup you can try. You will need your own windows key for it though.