View Full Version : RIP Mel Smith

21-Jul-13, 11:27
Mel Smith, Comic Actor & Writer aged 60, Died Yesterday of a Heart Attack. Requiescat in pace Mel you were a Comic Genius.



21-Jul-13, 11:52
Iconic to my generation gave us lots of laughs sadly missed

21-Jul-13, 12:45
Brilliant comic. The broken hand drier sketch in the men's toilet was a classic.

21-Jul-13, 13:45
Sad to hear about his death, a great entertainer and lived his life to he full

Kevin Milkins
21-Jul-13, 23:42
I was hoping to resist a post in this thread for appearing to be over sentimental about someone that I have never met, however, I was recently wondering what ever happened to such a funny person as Mel Smith as he has not grassed our screens for such a long time. I'm sorry the answer has come in it's present form. One of my favourite sketches was when they won the contract to dig the channel tunnel and some of the excuses as to why they where behind schedule, Like, (they where waiting for a skip), (I lent out my extension lead)Classic stuff.

George Brims
22-Jul-13, 17:45
Sad to hear that. The man was as Kodiak said a comic genius.

secrets in symmetry
22-Jul-13, 23:34
Smith was indeed a comic genius, and a wonderful man too. The world is a less smiley place without him.

23-Jul-13, 22:05
I dont know if he was a wonderful man - i never met him but he made me laugh and Im sorry that he has died and wont be able to make me laugh again.