View Full Version : Term Limits for Moderators

02-Aug-02, 19:11
Got to thinking this morning... is it right that moderatorship is like life peerage?

I mean - I know it's got to be a hard job, it must be very wearing to have to force, kick and ban people and then try not to feel the anguish personally. So our mods deserve a break surely.

How about a 1-year term, and we can roll out 1 or 2 each month, and roll in new ones to replace them?

I can see other advantages too. It would help maintain good accountability - I can think of one or two who might behave a little more nicely if today's booters could become tomorrow's booties, uh, bootees.

btw, how come there's no tongue-in-cheek smiley? I think I'd like to stick one in here right about now.


02-Aug-02, 19:28

I think all the moderators do a fine job and keep a perfect balance to the chatroom -- in fact they do such a good job money should be thrown at us from all direction - I wonder if Nike or Pepsi will sponser us? Could we have Label under our cheesy grins I wonder.
Anyways , back to the point this is a democracy and I vote NO!!!! [lol]

02-Aug-02, 21:32
Monkey dude, this is my only shot at anything remotely resembling life peerage. -H

03-Aug-02, 12:57
I think the Mods of today on CCWS are fantastic....they do a wonderful job keeping control in the room....each "kick/ban" is done with an unbelievable amount of both thought & feeling :Razz
there are a few "monkeys" that pop into the room from time to time that create unrest but "us mods" just throw a few bananas around and before long they are under our control :lol:
ac mentioned money or sponsership!!!!! I agree, this may come in the future :roll: but for now I think we should all just continue to "moderate" as is.......ater all we LOVE our job!!!!! [lol]

15-Aug-02, 21:33
Whats a Mod ? do they go aboot on Lambretta's wearing fishtail parka's with targets on their backs?
Anyway I wis a rocker so there :evil

22-Aug-02, 10:49
I think you moderators do a fantastic job in the chat room!

I've actually had problems where I seemed to be singled out before, and not a moderator in sight... so I just started talking... or rather typing in old english. Have you ever tried that??? It certainly scares off all the troublemakers! Trust me, I was a moderator in one room where I was the only one from the UK there at the time, everyone else was an American or something-or-other at the time, and, yeah, I couldn't be bothered kicking so I just had a little fun (hehe)...


Keep up the good work!!!