View Full Version : friends death

02-Jul-13, 16:32
Devastated to have lost another friend, killed at brora heading home to wick after a holiday in america. I will miss you x

02-Jul-13, 16:36
Now that I have seen Donaldson has named my friend, I don't see why I can't name him now either. Ernest Jones, 69 lived in wick and worked at the hospital though now retired. I wish his wife Margaret a speedy recovery.

02-Jul-13, 18:15
A lovely man, will be missed. Wish Margaret a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with the family!

03-Jul-13, 18:16
Yes Ernie was a great guy, was a good friend to me as well. He will be sorely missed by many.
My thoughts with Margaret and family. God bless .