View Full Version : Electric shock treatment

Cedric Farthsbottom III
26-Jan-07, 22:39
Aw Maw dae we have to stay wi Granny again
I cannae take any more
She takes oot aw the auld photies
It really is a bore

So Maw ye say ye have to go
To get things sorted for us
But we're here stuck wi Granny again
She'll go through the usual fuss

Yer tears in yer face I didnae know then
Wur genuine for yer bairns to see
To end the days o' depression
Was yer inwards to yer brain plea

Electricity passin through yer head
As ye said,"The scariest thing I did"
Volts suppressing every cell
"For the nothingness I had to get rid"

Ye came home again,ye said"I'll never go back"
Ye didnae Maw,ye never
So for that wee prat who was in his Grannys hoose
Yer a moron,yer no very clever