View Full Version : Chairman welcomes manager's decision

27-Jun-13, 09:44
"Huge relief" felt by all concerned at the club
Wick Academy chairman Colin Stewart said the club is “absolutely delighted” at the news that their manager Barry Wilson has ruled himself out of the Queen of the South job.
Mr Stewart said that it was also a”a huge relief” that Barry had decided to stay at Harmsworth Park and finish the job he undertook and build on his excellent progress. The chairman said that the manager’s interest in the Queen of the South post had been conducted with consumate professionalism with formal approaches from the club and discussion with Barry himself.
Asked if the manager's interest in moving on to a higher level, although not pursued, on this occasion indicated that he might ‘go’ at some point in the future, Mr Stewart said that it was “a bridge that would be crossed” if and when that situation arose.
He said: “We would never stand in the way of Barry wanting to better himself but for the moment he is continuing his commitment to Wick Academy and we couldn’t be more pleased and relieved about that. He commands tremendous respect from the players, officials and staff, as is evident from the traffic on the social networking sites on the issue.”