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Accused shouted at hospital staff
A trouble-free life saved a Wick man, who caused a disturbance in a local
hospital, from a possible prison sentence.
Ryan Gunn, 33, was instead ordered to carry out 72 hours unpaid community
service, by Sheriff Andrew Berry who told him that he would certainly have
considered jail, had there been a record.
Gunn, of 16 Girnigoe Street, Wick, admitted having behaved in an abusive
manner while a out-patient at Caithness General Hospital on November 16, last
Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday that he was "heavily intoxicated" when
he arrived to be treated for a cut finger.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Gunn was dissatisfied with the
treatment he was receiving and insisted on being given "something stronger". He
shouted at a doctor and a nurse and the police were informed after he ignored a
request to calm down.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Gunn's recollection of events was
"extremely limited" due to his drunken state.
Mr Wilson added: "He had a legitimate reason for being at the hospital but
that did not give him cause to cross the line of acceptability and express his
views in such an inappropriate manner."
Sheriff Berry said that there was "no excuse" for Gunn's behaviour.
Incidents where public servants like the police and hospital staff were abused
were" treated very seriously" by the court.
The sheriff warned the accused that any repetition of the offence would
have "very serious consequences" for him.