View Full Version : Why ?

26-Jan-07, 10:03
Why is it that a perfectly legitimate message from New Zealand which always appeared faithfully on my Outlook Express window is now turning up amongst the SPAM in my Web Mail ?

26-Jan-07, 11:09
The domain that the email comes from is more than likley on a blacklist which your sevice provider uses.
They are ususally put on these blacklists due to someone using account for spam purposes or that the email server is an open relay server which allows anonymous people to spam through.

26-Jan-07, 13:14
f you are using a Spam Filter on your machine you should be able to add the email address to some sort of Safe list/White List that will instruct the software that you are happy to recieve emal from the particular address and it should no longer be labelled or treated as Spam.

If your mail is filtered for you by your ISP i am not sure there is anything you can do... you could contact them, but i cant see them being able/bothered to edit one specific email address for the whole userbase.... i could be wrong though....