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26-Jan-07, 09:27
Eight year old beginner looking for an electric guitar tutor in the Wick area, can anyone recommend?

26-Jan-07, 11:55
Addie Harper does guitar lessons, but its not in specific 'electric guitar lessons' but hes pretty good I've heard.
Might be full up so I dont actually know if this is any use.
Not sure of numbers or anything but if you look him up in the phone book and look for an A Harper from Ackergill you should be on the right track :D

27-Jan-07, 18:38
Thanks cat, anyone else doing guitar tuition in Wick???

27-Jan-07, 18:44
Douglas Cowie was giving lessons, give him a try.

02-Feb-07, 10:56
Not sure if Douglas Cowie has spaces anymore, cause our guitarist used to go to him but got kicked out for some reason which I believe being due to having too many people, but i may be incorrect. Worth a try though :D

02-Feb-07, 14:46
I would like to correct that last E-mail from Cat as no one got "kicked out" from guitar lessons. My son used to go to Douglas Cowie and Douglas had to give up guitar lessons due to ill health but he ensured that all his pupils continued in tuition with Kevin Swanson from Reiss. I'm sure that Craig Robertson to whom Cat is referring to in this E-mail will confirm this.
As far as I know Douglas Cowie is doing guitar lessons again on a limited basis and is available for free guitar lessons on a Thursday night at MLM at Wick Youth Club which is for High School 3rd year pupils and beyond.

02-Feb-07, 17:52
Joe Paterson - want more info PM me

03-Feb-07, 00:22
I would like to point out that I said I may be incorrect. And obviously I was. Just said that there may not be spaces but I didnt know if that was the case. No hard feelings meant.Sorry.

03-Feb-07, 10:22
also it wasnt a particularly tactful way of putting it atal.

Douglas Cowie
04-Feb-07, 13:29
[quote=cat89;187245]Not sure if Douglas Cowie has spaces anymore, cause our guitarist used to go to him but got kicked out for some reason which I believe being due to having too many people,

I would like to take the opportunity to clarify once and for all the posting by Cat. I have been teaching guitar on and off for around 20 years now and have had the pleasure to work with some very talented individuals including my very first pupil: Keith Macleod from Watten who went on to be a full time pro guitarist with the Dynamos. in all that time I have never found it necessary to kick out any pupil from my lessons.
I have had to stop teaching on a couple of occasions the first being when my work took me to Perth and on that instance Willie Mitchell from Silver took over my pupils and on the second occasion due to ill health Kevin Swanson from Reiss was kind enough to step into the breach to ensure my pupils continued to be tutored.
I am teaching again on a very limited basis due to pressures of work etc but
I enjoy giving guitar lessons and I will continue to do so as long as I'm able to as it gives me great pleasure to bring on young guitarists such as Kevin Swanson, Mark Macmanus and Craig Robertson; seeing these young players getting bands together makes it all worthwhile.

05-Feb-07, 01:28
There is a club that runs on a thursday night in the wick youth club, but and its a big but, there might be an age limit, but check it out.

Douglas Cowie
05-Feb-07, 09:12
Music Link Media is open to third year High School pupils and beyond, tuition available includes guitar, bass, drums, harmonica also regular vocal workshops, media tuition is also available including CD and DVD editing also recording music from lives bands etc.
You can also come along and hang out watch the bands have a game of pool, darts, use a Playstation or computer and it's all free!

05-Feb-07, 09:40

Would you be able to take on our 8 year old or recommend someone else, needs to be in or around Wick, he's desperate to get started.

Douglas Cowie
05-Feb-07, 12:54
Sorry 98 Elite, I'm full up just now as I have limited spaces, I do have a waiting list, phone me on 604192 if you want to go on that, alternatively you may want to try Mark MacManus on 602220 he's a former pupil of mine and a really good guitarist, he does lessons and uses similar methods and material to myself. I can recommend him.

06-Feb-07, 08:51
Will give Mark a call, Thanks for your help.