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caithness lad
25-Jan-07, 23:45
how can i get rid of icons on my taskbar[evil] ? t.a

26-Jan-07, 00:59
how can i get rid of icons on my taskbar[evil] ? t.a

Right click the taskbar and select properties then uncheck "show quick launch". For the the right hand notification area again right click taskbar then properties and go into "Notification Area" then amend the behavior of each individual one.

26-Jan-07, 02:12
Do you mean 'taskbar' for sure?

The bar along the bottom is broken down into different areas and they all have a name which makes it easier to refer to (once you remeber tem :) )
The bit to the far right where the clock is, is called the 'system tray' or sometimes the 'notification area'. To the left of that is the taskbar. Between the taskbar and the 'start' button on older systems running Windows 98 and win 95) is the 'quick launch' area. By default the quick launch area is not displayed on Windows XP, although there is an option to display it (I find it useful).

The whole lot is collectively referred to as 'the taskbar' which is not exactly helpful!

If the icons you want to get rid of are in the quicklaunch area (which may or may not be visible on your PC) then you can just right click on them and select delete if you wish to.

For the system tray it can be a bit more complicated. Each program that is hogging screen space in the system tray is a visible sign of a program that is running in the background all the time. Each program may have different options for 'load at system startup', 'show icon in system tray/notification area' etc etc and would need to be dealt with on an individual basis by telling it not to display icon, start running when the PC starts up, etc.

There are so very many programs and helpful little toolbars and utilities that people acquire over time that leave icons all over the place that I can't give detailed instructions for each one, but if you mention any that are particularly bugging you then if am familiar with it I may be able to be a bit more precise, or someone else may have it and be able to advise.

Hope that helps!