View Full Version : ***warning*** Scottish Gas Lies

25-Jan-07, 17:13
Just thought id warn you all that Scottish Gas are doing the rounds today, they tried to enter the house to read the meter and check the equipment.
My supplier is not even with them in which he then went on to say how cheap they are if i switch, halfing my bills he said!!!!!

They are doing this to switch you over to them!!!! dont do it!!!!!

This is total lies!!!!! Im using Scottish Hydro for my energy bills and they are far cheaper than Scottish gas. They are using unlawful tactics to get you to switch over to them and will say anything.

Also recently Scottish Gas switched my custom over to them without me even knowing until i got a letter from the hydro to say sorry i was leaving. Well there was hell on and quite a few angry phone calls to S/gas in which they made an excuse saying they made a mistake with the house number.... i dont think so cause a lot of people were scammed as well!!!

25-Jan-07, 17:49
At my previous address i was with scottish gas and it worked out really expensive, i should have stayed with the hydro Electric they are far cheaper and better to deal with. Thats my opinion anyway

25-Jan-07, 18:29
Another thing is, all they need is to read your meter and go away, then they will switch you over without knowing as nowadays you dont have to sign anything for this to happen. They will do this!!!!!

The energy watchdog have been notified on this and they are investigating this matter